Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Monthly Pages

I just made my 2019 monthly digital planner pages. You can print these off and use them in your daily planner or bullet journals or you can just download these save them to your dropbox/iPad and use them in your digital planners. If you use them in a digital planner, please be sure to use GoodNotes. Above you will see one page you will get in your monthly set. Now only is there a page for each month of the new year but there is a weekly page to add to your monthly sections and a yearly overview as well. Be sure to follow along as I have a TON of new exciting digital planner inserts coming your way! I will post one a week, so following our page and FaceBook page will allow you to know when I post them. I have also included a blank monthly page so you can go back and create your own next year. I left the dates off as well, so you can add dates as stickers or whatever (allowing you to express your creativity). ENJOY!

*font used The Skinny from*

Download HERE! 

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Digital Student Planner

That is right!! I have turned to the dark side and am VERY obsessed with making digital planners. So, I thought I would give them to you for FREE!! Why you ask... because I can! I love sharing my creativity with the world, free. If it allows you to get creative and explore a new side you may not have known you had... Well, that is enough for me! Let me discuss my favorite apps. I use Keynote on my MacBook Pro, that is how I make my planners, then I export them, and send them over to Goodnotes. Goodnotes, is one of my FAVORITE apps! It allows you to import your creation, write, draw, color, put stickers all over the planner and is very interactive. Second to last, I use Over (that app allows me to use fonts off to put in my goodnotes planner as goodnotes does not have fonts only runs on handwriting currently). Lastly, I use Magic Eraser that allows me to erase the background on my project to make it transparent. Those are the 4 apps I suggest starting out with.

With school fastly approaching or here for some of you. I decided to make my daughter Kailee, a digital school planner. However, it is not just for school. There is a section for journal or diary, drawing, "stickers" (I say "stickers" because they are literally anything you can find you can put in the planner as a sticker). I worked very hard and very long making this planner. I drew a lot of the pages on my 10.5 iPad Pro, also using the app Over for the fonts. If you have questions as to what fonts I used in this planner please contact me in comments and I will respond. The photo above is the front of the planner you are getting. I am leaving the front blank for you to decorate yourself! I just put 5th Grade on it for Kailee. All tabs on this planner are interactive and clickable. This planner has 164 pages!! In the planner you will see a section called "GUM" we refer to this as reading, language arts and what not in homeschooling.

These are the products I use and case I use for my digital planning. I truly hope you enjoy this new chapter in our blog!! If you have any requests for new planners be sure to comment and let us know! I am currently working on a digital bible, teacher planner, and sticker book!! If you need help please reach out to me on FaceBook as that is the faster way to contact me.

Watch this video on what to do once you download the planner onto your iPad.

Download Here

Friday, July 20, 2018

Birthday Banner

I have been so obsessed with a couple of applications on my iPad Pro using my Apple Pencil! Making these banners has been one of those many obsessions I am sharing today. I plan to share much much more! I have just made a bookmark I will be sharing! Anyhow, these last couple of months from May until October my family has back to back birthdays (one or two sometimes three a month). (Side note.. after all our birthday's its HOLIDAY season!! and boy do I plan to make CUTE Holiday banners!) I used the app for iPad called Procreate and on my MacBook I used Keynote to create these BEAUTIFUL banners (just cut out, laminate and hang!) To use be sure to click the photo below that will direct you to my dropbox where the banner will be. Each photo has its' own link. Enjoy! And be sure to check out our FaceBook page! We would love to see what you create with these! Remember you can print them on colorful card stock (links to the ones I LOVE and use all the link below) to give them a colorful design, the black will still show. If you are into digital planning stay tuned! I have a couple in the works now, that I am making. I made a crochet one, and if you want that comment and let me know! Then I will post it. Here is a link to where I get all my INK for printing a ton monthly! We print sometimes over 300 pages a month, that is homeschool worksheets, work stuff, props for school, stickers for digital planners, and whatever else we might need printed that month. With HP Instant Ink you pay a flat rate to print a certain amount of pages. For example, I have the 300 pages (anything I do not use rolls over) and pay $9.99 a month plus tax. The ink comes right to your door, when your HP printer tells HP that the ink is low, they ship out the new one. No paying $35 plus a month for ink or worrying about having it in stock where you go to buy it, or even rushing to buy ink because you need it badly. With my link HERE you get 1 month free to try out. You can cancel at anytime with no issues, but why would you?! It says 50% on ink! The plans they have are 15 pages a month for FREE (no roll overs), 50 pages for $2.99 a month plus tax, 100 pages for $4.99 a month plus tax, 300 pages for $9.99 a month plus tax (we have this!) and 500 pages for $14.99 a month plus tax. But as I mentioned, you can cancel at any time, or change the plan at any time if you need more or less monthly. And it tracks what you use on the website.  The printer I use is linked below and we LOVE it! 

The font used is from called A Little Sunshine. 

Here are some items I used to create these babies! Remember all links are affiliate so I will earn a commission if you purchase from the links provided.

*If you make this or any other recipe please #organicmominthekitchen on facebook and twitter (@TheHaidens) and send us pictures, we love seeing pictures!!!* 

Also, comment below what else you would like to see us make!!