Saturday, May 25, 2019

Bible Digital Planner

Having a digital bible planner is much needed when we are trying to teach our children all about God (plus ourselves). Fun back story; Daniel and I knew each other throughout Elementary and High School. We were best friends, grew up never going to church. Daniel and I talked for a long time about 4 years ago about what we wanted for them when raising our children. We decided it was time to figure out church or no church. We talked to our great friends/family (I put family because Daniel served in the Marine Corp with Trevor; so they are basically family) about what we were thinking about. Trevor and Camille told us to go one weekend with them to Mass (Catholic Church) and see what its' all about. We LOVED IT!! The kids LOVED it!!! So, Dan and I decided to take the plunge (so to speak) and contacted the Father at the church. We started RCIA classes to join the church. Once those were done, we got married (again) in the church, had our first Communion (all 4 of us together) and Confirmation (kids need this still). Anyway, 6th grade is coming next year for the children and they will be taking part of Confirmation classes. I thought this bible planner/notes will help us help them in the long run (if that makes sense). 😁I hope ya'll LOVE this planner as much as we have already. Next year, for CCD it will def be a winner!


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Movie/TV Planner

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Digital planning has been a serious game changer for me and my family for many, many reasons. With all the TV shows and movies coming out, I figured a great way to keep track of what you have seen, have not seen, and want to see is by a personalized planner. This planner was made on KeyNote using Samantha font which I purchased (if you want that font let me know and I will get you a link to buy it). This planner turned out much much better than I envisioned and I am very proud of it. Please leave your feedback in the comments and follow us on FaceBook! I will do my best to continue to bring planners, or page inserts that you can enjoy and want! Just let me know what you are looking for. Thank you for all your support!! ENJOY!! 😁

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Monday, March 25, 2019

Digital Planner

I could not even begin to imagine not having my digital planner anymore. The thought of not organizing my appointments, menu, bills to be paid and when they need paid just stresses me out to the core. So, I decided why not share my planner with the world and give everyone a little less stress in their life. I remember a time where I used to keep a notebook for 1 year that is where I would write down all the bills, when they were due, and when I would pay them. I used to go through so much paper doing this. Now that I have them all organized digitally I no longer waste paper (or lose my notebook, because let's be honest, I lost that thing on a monthly basis).

I really hope you guys enjoy this planner as I worked very hard on it. All you need to do to download it i click the photo! It will take you to dropbox. In the right corner, on the dropbox website, click the download, and direct download. Unless, you wish to save it to your dropbox. If you have any requests for pages please let me know and I will do my best to make them!! I have a ton of mood pages coming soon too.

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