Crochet Bobble Stitch Blanket

I am starting a new series on my YouTube Channel and here on my blog. I decided to make three blankets (1 for Kristopher, and 1 for Kailee) and decided to start it early so it is done by next birthdays' or Holiday. One of my favorite stitches to work is a bobble stitch. Since I have 1 boy and 1 girl to make blankets for I will have 1 video for a boy pattern and 1 video for girl pattern. All patterns I have made myself on, patterns are posted for those, or you can message me on FaceBook and I can get you the pattern. Be sure to follow along here, as this will be where I post the links to the blog post for each pattern that will also include the video.

Pattern #1- Cross:

Pattern #2- Fish: 

Pattern #3- Princess Crown: 

Pattern #4- Turtle Emoji:

Pattern #5- Princess Carriage:

Pattern #6- Boat:

Pattern #7- Ring:

Pattern #8- Mickey Mouse:

Pattern #9- Bunny:
Pattern #10- Peace Sign: COMING SOON!

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