Thursday, February 6, 2020

Deep Clean Downstairs with Me!

Today, I was in the mood to tackle some areas I have been putting off. I hate how cluttered my office desk became. The office just became a "dumping" ground for everything from printed papers we needed to shred to just plain out garbage! I was so sick of seeing it. So, I drank some coffee, and got it done. Now, if you know me, you know I DO NOT drink coffee because I have a caffeine intolerance meaning a little sniff of it makes me super hyper! So, I had half of the coffee I made and that was it. I cleaned all day into the evening. The whole downstairs got scrubbed! Enjoy!  

Oh BTW!!! I started working for a new company called Pearl Chic and you can check out my page here if you would like to buy oysters with pearls that you can set in jewelry. Also, we go live weekly, so you can catch me there! 

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