Monday, March 25, 2019

Digital Planner

I could not even begin to imagine not having my digital planner anymore. The thought of not organizing my appointments, menu, bills to be paid and when they need paid just stresses me out to the core. So, I decided why not share my planner with the world and give everyone a little less stress in their life. I remember a time where I used to keep a notebook for 1 year that is where I would write down all the bills, when they were due, and when I would pay them. I used to go through so much paper doing this. Now that I have them all organized digitally I no longer waste paper (or lose my notebook, because let's be honest, I lost that thing on a monthly basis).

I really hope you guys enjoy this planner as I worked very hard on it. All you need to do to download it i click the photo! It will take you to dropbox. In the right corner, on the dropbox website, click the download, and direct download. Unless, you wish to save it to your dropbox. If you have any requests for pages please let me know and I will do my best to make them!! I have a ton of mood pages coming soon too.

 My Favorite Items for creating pages!

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Recipe Book

It is here finally!! Somehow, my old recipe book I made in Keynote disappeared so I had to start over. I am totally fine with starting over because I feel like this book is perfect! Now, this planner features most of my favorite colors and I hope you enjoy those colors as much as I do. When you open this planner, and import it into Goodnotes 5 (please follow video below to upload into Goodnotes) you will see very basic planner. I made this planner basic and plain as it will give each person who downloads and uses this the ability to create and design it however you want. I also left each monthly page blank for your own decorations. You can google monthly planner stickers to give your planner a "face lift." The monthly pages were added and intended for you to menu plan. I know, with me and my busy life, menu planning is a must have or I will go crazy! Being able to organize my menu every month, then put my recipes in a specific area helps me succeed and stay on track with each meal.

You can get the planner here!! I am excited to share this with everyone and I hope it helps everyone stay on budget, meal plan and keep important recipes handy. Enjoy!! 

My Favorite Items for creating pages!