Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Movie Tracker

I love being able to track what movies we have seen so when it is movie night we are not going through our collection on our Apple TV wondering what all we have or have not seen. This makes my life super easy and makes movie night stress-free. Now you can print this page and insert it into your planner. If you are like me and using a digital planner all you need to do is save the image and insert into your planner. If you need help doing this I can make a short video on how to do this using my planner. If you would like to see more pages like this or specific ones please let me know and I will get to making them. Please keep checking back as I am in the process of making a Recipe Book digital planner (which can be printed or used digitally). This planner will be accompanied with a video on how to upload it into Goodnotes 5. Click Here for all my planner pages.

To download, click on the photo below, right click and save.

Be sure you share your photos of your planners or any questions on our facebook page!

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