Friday, September 21, 2018

Digital Savings Page 2

This is the second saving page I created! When Daniel and I started following Dave Ramsey 3 almost 4 years ago, to pay off debt, I created this planner page so that it made saving a bit fun and still allowed me to include the children. I use this page in each section of my monthly pages. I try to save all of it each month. It is pretty easy when you are focused and driven to save or pay off bills. I will be making "debt snowball" page next. I love this page so much! It is so girly and fun looking! It spiced up my digital planner so much! Saving money does not have to be a drag, it can be fun and exciting. Find my Sav-Opoly game below if you want a more child hands on approach to savings! Enjoy these free pages! Be sure to follow us because I have been creating a TON of pages in Procreate and cannot wait to share them all! 😁😁

Savings Tracker

Savings Plan

My Favorite Items for creating pages!
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