Friday, August 24, 2018

Digital Savings Page

Saving money can be very difficult! Over the past three years my husband and I have created this fun game to help us say money. One of our children's favorite family board games is Monopoly, so I thought why not include the children and do a savings game of it. I looked on google and could not find anything I liked, so I created my own. I drew this up in Procreate (yes it is a bit on the not straight side, but hey it will fit into your digital planner just fine). I have also created a link for Monopoly pieces that you can use as "stickers" to move around the game. Be creative and have fun with this!! We let the kids roll the dice and one moves the piece. Then the next time we do this, they switch roles. This is such a fun, family oriented way to save money and it allows you to teach your children how to save! WIN WIN! 😁😁😁😁

To download, click on the photo below, right click and save.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Monthly Pages

I just made my 2019 monthly digital planner pages. You can print these off and use them in your daily planner or bullet journals or you can just download these save them to your dropbox/iPad and use them in your digital planners. If you use them in a digital planner, please be sure to use GoodNotes. Above you will see one page you will get in your monthly set. Now only is there a page for each month of the new year but there is a weekly page to add to your monthly sections and a yearly overview as well. Be sure to follow along as I have a TON of new exciting digital planner inserts coming your way! I will post one a week, so following our page and FaceBook page will allow you to know when I post them. I have also included a blank monthly page so you can go back and create your own next year. I left the dates off as well, so you can add dates as stickers or whatever (allowing you to express your creativity). ENJOY!

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Download HERE!