Monday, July 17, 2017

Instant Pot Yogurt with Strawberry Compote

I love making yogurt homemade, not only does it save us money, but we can control the ingredients and it is super rewarding to know you made something your family can enjoy instead of store bought. Recently, amazon had the prime day deals and I scored an amazing instant pot for $43.15, ended up missing a part so amazon refund $22.00 total purchase price was $23.15 for a 6 quart instant pot!! I was shocked and tried to buy a second one but was too late. Needless to say, this instant pot is gettings its workout for sure! Having made homemade yogurt in my crockpot before I thought this would be the same, if not easier and it surely was. If you do not want to add sugar or vanilla into your yogurt then you do not have too it is up to you however you like it. Well, I hope y'all enjoy this new recipe and section we are adding to the blog. I know I am very excited to use this instant pot and get recreating amazing homemade dishes in half the time. Get yours below *affiliate link*

You Will Need:

1 Gallon Organic Milk (not ultra-pasteurized)
1/2 tsp Organic Vanilla (or vanilla bean)
1 Cup Organic Plain Whole Milk Yogurt
1/2 Cup Organic Sugar


2 Pints Organic Strawberries
1/4 Cup Organic Sugar
1 tsp Organic Vanilla (or vanilla bean)
2 tsp Pure Lemon Juice

Add the milk to your instant pot

On my instant pot, I had to press the yogurt button twice to have it say boil

Once it is done boiling it will be about 177-180 degrees that is perfect
Add the sugar, and vanilla and whisk until sugar is dissolved

Now you want to cool the milk down to 107-110 degrees

Remove 2 cups of the warm milk and add to a bowl with the yogurt starter

Stir until combined and no more lumps

Add yogurt into the instant pot and stir to combine

Press the yogurt button once, and change the time to whatever you want to let the yogurt sit for. Please remember the longer the yogurt sits the more tang to the yogurt I let mine sit 12 hours (oh the tang is good! but I perfer 8 hours)

This is after 12 hours

Place cheesecloth into a strainer and pour yogurt into the strainer, you will need help here lol

I allowed mine to strain for 3-4 hours not a big fan of super thick yogurt but if you are let it strain longer

You do not need to strain the yogurt, after making this so much I have edited it down. I just put it in the fridge after allowing it to sit on the counter for as much time as I can before bed, I put it in the fridge overnight to "rest". Then I can it up and enjoy! I stopped straining it as it takes the Whey out.

Here it is all done.. but wait there is more!!

Place your cut strawberries into your instant pot

Sprinkle your sugar onto the berries and allow them to sit for 15 minutes, this helps produce the natural juices in the berries and flavors them

Add your vanilla

Add the lemon, not too much here or it will overpower the berries

Turn the instant pot on pressure cook for 1 minute with it closed do not vent

Once completed allow to cool for 15 minutes then remove lid

The compote is done

I added 2 tbsp to the button of an 8 oz mason jar, spooned in the yogurt, leaving 1/2 inch headspace I added a tsp more of the compote and put the lid on. Now once you open a jar you can add your favorite granola, honey or enjoy as is. 

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