Thursday, July 6, 2017

Ham, Turkey and Cheese Panini

Recently Daniel and I have taken a new found LOVE to panini sandwiches. I cannot get enough of them, and the fun thing is you can really put whatever you want in them. It makes it easy to feed picky children (yes Kris and Kai are somewhat picky). Today, I wanted to make a panini that not only would they enjoy but that would fill them up for dinner. Now, you can use homemade bread here but Daniel has been buying this Sara Lee whole wheat bread and I figured I would just use it up. Normally, we buy our organic bread from Whole Foods Market (it is our favorite) but he was lazy and did not want to drive 20 minutes to get bread, I cannot blame him. Well, if you want to see any other panini's let me know in the comments and I will be sure to make them!! ENJOY!

You Will Need:

2 tbsp Organic Mayo
1 tbsp Pesto
1 Organic Tomato
Organic Lettuce
Organic Ham Lunch Meat
Organic Turkey Lunch Meat
Organic Sandwich Cheese (I use Horizon)
1 tsp Organic Garlic
1/2 Cup Organic Butter, softened

Whip butter and garlic together until creamy and fluffy 

Nice and fluffy 

Mix pesto and mayo together

Set butter garlic and mayo pesto aside

Cut lettuce and tomato 

This is the panini press I used Oster. It has not harsh chemicals, and I trust the brand

Butter one side of bread, place it butter side down on the press

Add pesto mayo to the top of the bread 

Then add turkey, ham, cheese, tomato, lettuce (that is the order I used)

Butter other bread, and place butter side up

I shut the press once to push everything down, then opened and move the bread around and re-shut the press

And done.. add chips, pickles, fruits, or just eat it alone for a great lunch or dinner

 *If you make this or any other recipe please #organicmominthekitchen on facebook and send us pictures, we love seeing pictures!!!*

Also, comment below what else you would like to see us make!! 

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