Thursday, February 9, 2017

Garth Brooks Concert!

The most amazing night of our lives! I cannot express enough how amazing this night was. My husband, Daniel, has been a long time fan of Garth Brooks (as have I growing up listening to his music) and relied on his music overseas, to remind him of home. While I was trying to figure out what to get Daniel for our 4th anniversary this year (Feb. 14th) I started looking at concert ideas and just trying to figure it out when I came across Garth Brooks concert tickets on StubHub. I was super concerned about buying tickets off StubHub as I did not want to pay money for fake tickets. I contacted them and they explained to me their policy about selling fake tickets and how if they were fake they would have us new tickets as soon as possible and refund. Well, I bought the tickets and boy was I worried! As soon as we arrived in Cincinnati (2 hour drive from us) we went to a casino for lunch and to spend some adult time alone (as this was our 'anniversary' celebration since we both work on the day. We scanned the tickets in at the Us Bank Area and we WERE IN!!! I was so excited they were not fake!! Daniel and I had one of the most amazing nights of our lives and to top it off Garth Brooks said he was recording his new live album that night and we were going to be on the album!! WOW!

Happy anniversary to my love!!! I could not be happier!! Even though I could not hear, and had the worst headache after the concert I would never change it for anything it was a blast! I LOVE you Daniel!

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