Friday, August 19, 2016

My Favorite School App

When I was homeschooling Kristopher and Kailee, two years ago, I realized I needed to make sure the kids had a place they could read books (since they did not really like sitting down with a book, and getting to the library was hard and far distance for us). I started doing research on apps that they could just use on their iPad's and stubbled across one of my favorite apps ever! Now, I did not exactly know or understand how to use this, at first, or fully understand what it was until I got it. The app is called Kindle Unlimited from Amazon.

Let's get into the basics of the app. First, you pay $9.99 a month for unlimited (umm...yeah its in the name!) books. At first I thought that meant I could read any book ever released and did not have a limit. Well, you are allowed to read 10 books at a time, but once you are down with one or did not like that one, you can pick another book and 'return' that other one. For example, I had checked out 10 books {2 for each kid, and rest for me.. hahaha okay I am a book nerd, so what?!} and Kristopher wanted to get a book called Smoothie Recipes for Kids, he had to decide what book from his two he had 'checked out' to return before he could get the other, once decided the book downloaded instantly! COOL! RIGHT?! Now, if you find a book you want to read and it is not on the Kindle Unlimited section for free reading, you can always open the Amazon app and find the book to buy, then it will automatically download to the kindle app and you are good to go! A lot of times I will post on my FaceBook page FREE books {so be sure you are following/liked my FaceBook page because the books do not stay free for long and you do not want to miss them}.

Secondly, there is a little A symbol on the top right of the Kindle app, once you open it, that will take you directly into the Kindle Unlimited section so you can check out your books. They will give you popular books, kids books, suggestive books based off what you have read already, and so forth. I have posted photos to help you better understand this amazing book app. I strong recommend this for anyone who has children who have iPads and love to read or just need to read more! I went from never reading to reading at least 7 books a month!! {I know, I know, book nerd!! YUP!} One of my favorite sections of the Kindle Unlimited is the Audiobooks!!! I know right!? AMAZING! You will find that your children will love having their own books on their iPads. I know mine go crazy over the books. I have Frozen, Minions, Flat Stanley, Despicable Me 1 & 2, among many other books of the iPads for them! Be sure to let me know what you think of the app and follow along on my FaceBook for free book links!

Click above for your first month free!! {and you are welcome! because you will LOVE this!}

You can see the Amazon 'a' you click to get into the Kindle Unlimited books section with over 1 million books to choose from!! AMAZING!!!! When I first signed up two years ago, it was only 700,000 books now there is over 1 million books! WOW!

Opening the app

Books to pick from

Audiobook section..

Some of my books.. a lot of these are from the free links I post on my FaceBook page, so be sure to check my FaceBook page!! As I post links often and those book links I post you get to keep the books forever! No returning them like the Kindle Unlimited Books. Cool!!

Do not judge my books selection, I love many different types and styles of books!

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