Monday, August 8, 2016

Green Bean Delivery

To start this review, I need to mention my satisfaction with Green Bean Delivery for the following reasons: product, shipping, and packaging. First it did not take long to get the product to my apartment. Once we opened the box we found fruits and vegetables that were fresh and organic. There was a fruit, called a dapple in the box that I had never eaten before, but we tried it, after much googling on what it was and found something new we absolutely loved. This box had kale in it and I had never eaten kale either, needless to say I thoroughly enjoyed every thing in the box. The shipping was great, between the time that I ordered my first box and received it was not very long. This is a good thing considering the box had organic foods in it, meaning from the time the fruit and vegetables were picked, packaged, and sent was a short timeframe. Lastly, the packaging was perfect for the amount of food we received. When we opened the packaging, we found a cold pack inside that, of course kept the product cold. The container itself was light weight even when completely full. Needless to say, this box impressed me. Use my promo code "ORGMOM" this code will give you 15% off your FIRST 3 ORDERS!!! CODE IS GOOD UNTIL OCT 2016!! USE NOW!

This is everything that came in the box. We will have a video unboxing here soon!! 

First time having fresh kale, we have had it frozen before, but never fresh!! OMG it was amazing in the soup I made (RECIPE COMING SOON!!!)

*If you make this or any other recipe please #organicmominthekitchen on facebook and twitter (@TheHaidens) and send us pictures, we love seeing pictures!!!* 

Also, comment below what else you would like to see us make!! 

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