Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Canning Pinto Beans

When canning anything you need to make sure to follow the directions to a tee! You cannot defer from the safe recipe that is provided to you. I do not want to name names, but I have seen some canning YouTubers who are NOT following the safe directions given to them and go off on their own doing whatever they wish. You cannot, by any means, do that unless you speak to the company first and get the approval from them. If you have no experience with canning, then I recommend starting with with my salsa recipe, as it is super easy and does not require you to have much skill {if you are new, this is a water bath canned recipe and that makes it super easy to follow along}. Sanitize your jar according to the link here! The link provided is to ball's website for beginners. And remember, when canning do it safely, according to the safe websites above and follow directions to a tee. This recipe only allows you to can in pints, so you will need 5 pint jars. You can also go to to the National Center for Home Food Preservation and find all safe recipes and how to maintain and sanitize your jars! Good luck and be safe!!

I love canning organic pinto beans. The number one reason I can them is because I love using them for refried beans! PERFECTION! YUM! These are so easy to make, yet so rewarding once you see them finished. When canning pinto beans you have to remember you cannot use a water bath canner, you have to use a pressure canner, that is extremely important to remember! I cannot stress enough how important it is to follow your recipes to a tee from the safe canning sites. If you do not know what they are Google ball blue book and you will see the canning books that are safe. Also, remember to enjoy canning, and relax! it is fun!

You Will Need:

6 lbs Organic Pinto Beans

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