Sunday, July 31, 2016

Dehydrated Apples

Kristopher and Kailee love dehydrated apples because they are like "chips" to them without all the nasty additives in the chips. Daniel has never been one to sit down and eat a apple or really any fruit, but I found that when I dehydrated these bad boys he was all over them! Literally ate the whole bag in one sitting. It is like the Pringles slogan says 'once you pop you can not stop'. Well here is mine for dehydrated apples, once you crunch you can not stop! Everybody loves the dehydrated apples, but adding that little extra sweetness makes these suckers stand out on there own! I love to make sure I keep these on hand, along with my other dehydrated fruits. The dehydrator I linked is affordable, BPA-Free and a brand I trust.

You Will Need:

Organic Apples
Organic Sugar
Foodsaver Lids for Mason Jars

Wash apples

Remove core

Beautiful organic apples- you see you can use any kind of apple

Slice on 1/32 

Place sugar on plate and cover both sides with sugar

Fun but messy!

Place on dehydrator

I placed a towel under mine because it leaks sugar! lol dehydrate for 8 hours or until crisp 

Store in ziplock and enjoy! Trust me they will NOT last very long!! Or you can store these in a mason jar and vacuum seal. 

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