Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Colorful Crochet Hooks Review

WOW! Can you say beautiful!! Look at those amazing colors, honestly! The colors are so bright and pop in just the right way. My daughter, when she saw these, say's "mom, teach me to crochet now, because I have to have hooks like those! In fact, I will take these hooks for myself!" Funny right? No! She is not kidding; the girl is dead serious! I have never been a fan of the Boye style crochet hooks; love the Susan Bates; but these are the Boye style and so much easier to work with! The reason I hate the Boye (well dislike) is because the darn yarn gets stuck and does not work correctly for me. But these, I was shocked! Honestly SHOCKED! They work as smoothly as the Susan Bates hooks expect they are Boye style and super colorful!

You can get your set here!

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