Monday, June 6, 2016

Bamboo Crochet Hooks

I recently was contacted by Crafts for Everyone Publishing regarding a review on their crochet products. We have decided to partner up and do feature reviews as they get new items in! YAY!!! *Happy Dance* The person I spoke to informed me the hooks would take 3 weeks to receive; to my surprise I got them in 2 weeks; boy was I happy! I ripped open the package and was very shocked by the hooks themselves. The hooks were beautiful! They felt very strong, not like cheap crap that would break after one use. The hooks are marked with US sizes (which are very clear to read) and are like the Susan Bates ones. For experimental reasons I decided to take a hook and bend it, to my surprise it DID NOT break! That works! With having children it is important that our hooks do not break so easily since kids get their hands on them and mess around. Accidents happen...

Making a cup cozy!! I love these!

I would recommend these crochet hooks to anyone and gift them as well! They are amazing hooks and are priced to be affordable for anyone.

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