Thursday, May 5, 2016

Homemade Uncrustables

Growing up these little suckers were always a HUGE fight between my brothers, sister and I. We always wanted the last one, and would get mad if the other person took it first. I really cannot remember a time where one of us did not fight over them. Hiding them was also something one or more of us did as often as possible just so that one person was the only one who knew where more of them were when they were gone. So funny! But now I look back and I really do not know why I was so obsessed with those suckers; I mean take a box of them and read the ingredients to yourself... YUCK! I decided to make them homemade. Kris and Kai get these one every Sunday after Mass before Sunday School (CCD) and oh boy let me tell you they fight over them just like my brothers, sister and I used to do. Hilarious these little monsters are! Anyways.. On to the recipe.. (you can use store bought bread or make your own.. I took the easy route and used store bought, but it has hardly anything 'bad' in the bread). I also ran out of homemade jelly... do not worry I have strawberries ready today for jelly making tomorrow!!

What do you chose? Homemade, make your own and control the ingredients or buy them already made with a ton of crap! I was able to make these for less than $.50/each!! The bread I bought was on sale $.50 a pack and I bought four loaves and ended up making roughly 50 of these suckers!!! Plus I had the jelly and peanut butter! Such a GREAT Snack and deal! Give them a try!

You Will Need:

Bread (homemade here)
Organic Peanut Butter
Organic Jelly (or homemade)

Place peanut butter on both sides of bread, then add jelly to the middle section of the bread (this way you have peanut butter on both sides inclosing the jelly (like they have them in the frozen brand)

Close bread and cut

Freeze for 2 hours

All done! Homemade with less ingredients that you control!!! 

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