Friday, April 22, 2016

Redmond Facial Mask Review!

First thing I looked at was the ingredients, I did not notice anything bad in them; not like the store bought ones. The packaging is very nice, I really like how colorful it is and I like that they give you a piece to help push up all the mask once you start using it (VERY HELPFUL!). Using the mask, I was a bit stand off because every other time I used a facial mask I broke out in a rash, was extremely itchy, and I just plain out did not like the ingredients. The color of the mask was a bit 'muddy' looking, I really like that. It looked muddy but did not go on as such; it was clear going on and when it dried it turned white; my kids freaked out called me a ghost.. haha! LOVE IT! The only thing I am not liking is the fact I got a small amount in my eye and it burned like crazy!! (but then again I should have taken my contacts out) I let the mask sit for 15 minutes as it instructs too, rinsed my face, and it felt amazing. I never felt my skin so soft and refreshed.

Facial Mask Ingredients: purified water, and redmond clay
Redmond Clay Ingredients: Redmond Clay

Overall, I really, really like this product! It made my face feel so refreshed and so 'new'. I never thought I could find a facial mask that would work so well with such amazing ingredients, but I am so glad I did! Yay for Redmond Facial Mask! 

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