Friday, April 22, 2016

Crochet Bobble Stitch Cross

This is piece number one for the blanket. Depending on how many blankets you are making, make the amount for them. I did say in the video that I was going to make three of these (1 for each of my kids and 1 for my nephew) but I decided to just make 1 for Kailee's blanket. The boy's blanket, as you will see, is really themed toward outdoors things. For example, fish, trucks, cars, trains, baseball, football, and so on. Anyhow.. the Cross is my favorite so far! I love the way it turned out. You can use any color, I decided to use an 'off white' as it is more pure in my mind. Well, follow along side me and let's make an amazing Cross out of bobble stitch.

*be sure to stay tuned as this is a series*


Red Heart Yarn White (any color)
Crochet Hook (H 5mm)
Tapestry Needle

*You may sell items from this pattern, but I ask you link it back to me. Also, do not claim this pattern as your own or any photos. Copyright applies*

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