Thursday, February 18, 2016

How to Grow Your Own Organic Lemon Tree From Seed

After selling our home and moving into something much, much smaller without a backyard, I was very upset I would not be able to continue to garden. This past summer I was not able to do the gardening I had wanted to do so badly. Before the house sold, two years before, I had taken an organic peach pit and throw it in my garden bed. Little did I know, it would grow! And grow it did! It broke my heart to leave that tree behind, but I knew it would be in good hands. This year I wanted to start something special, to prove that you can grown a garden even in a small place without a backyard. Even thought it is winter time, you can start these lemon trees in the house (since they probably will be indoor most of the year- can only really be outdoor in the summer; of course not too hot all depends on your climate, here in Ohio I know my limits).

This is part one of two parts. Once the lemons seeds start routing I will post another post. Then I will keep everyone updated on FaceBook (be sure to LIKE our page) on the progress of our trees! Remember, fruit trees take 3 years to develop fruit (some take longer), so be patient and enjoy the journey, no need to rush this process.

Okay let's get started...


Organic Lemon
Organic Potting Soil (with fertilizer already in)
Spray Bottle (dollar tree :))

Place dirt in your pot filling it to the top

Get the seeds out of your organic lemon

Push into soil

Water well, daily. Do not over water- place in area with lots of sun

I placed mine in the office/craft room on my crochet granny square 
Stick around with me for part 2 of this... That will be once the little seeds start sprouting!! eek! I cannot wait! 

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