Monday, February 8, 2016

Italian Seasoning

I love making my own spice mixes and this one is so killer! Not only are you making it yourself, but you are adding flaxseed which has so many benefits! And to be honest, you really cannot taste the flaxseed, it is just added as a health benefit. You can easily double, triple, four times, or even five times this recipe! It is that easy! I love making this six times the recipe so I have it on hand always!

You Will Need:

3 tbsp Organic Oregano
3 tbsp Organic Ground Flaxseed
3 tbsp Organic Basil
3 tbsp Organic Parsley
1 tbsp Organic Garlic
1 tbsp Organic Onion
1 tsp Organic Thyme
1 tsp Organic Rosemary
1/4 tsp Organic Pepper
1 tsp Real Salt

Forgot to picture this

Add all the ingredients into a mason jar, place lid on top and shake

That is it, nothing to it, and you have a very healthy, homemade Italian seasoning with added flaxseed benefits! 

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