Wednesday, February 10, 2016

DIY Valentine's Bath Salts

Valentine's Bath Salts
Valentine's Day is VERY special to me for a couple reasons. One, I get to spend it with my best friend (now now, I know what you're thinking! A lot of women call their husbands their best friends, but he truly is (our story will be coming to YouTube/Blog very soon as soon as he has time to film it with me). Two, it is our wedding anniversary, yes I have said this before and yes I will say it again if I please! It's our 3rd wedding anniversary and every second, minute, hour, day, week and year that passes I fall more in love with Daniel than I ever thought possible.


I forgot to add essential oils to this one, but you can add whatever scent you wish, just be careful how much you add. These are my absolute favorite to make, not only does your tub smell amazing (and romantic nights are amazing) but the water changes colors with the salts. Call me crazy, but I love romance (novels and all) and I love when Daniel lights candles, draws us a hot bath (oooeehhh) and places my bath salts in the water. The aroma of Lavender and the color of the water, is just so inviting. So, I invite you to make these for your LOVED ones! Draw him/her a bath and relax via candle light together!


Epsom Salt
Food Coloring
Essential Oils
Mason Jars

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