Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Crochet Poop Emoji

I am obsessed with the emoji's, as is my entire family, from Kristopher to Kailee and Daniel! I thought what better way then to make a video of each emoji crocheted and then turn that into a big blanket for our couch! This is the first emoji I am going to be doing out of... (I do not know how many! We shall see! So please comment on the video and let me know what other ones you want to see). I used Switchboard.com to make the pattern and google to find the picture of the poop emoji. In the pattern it shows light brown and dark brown, I am going with just the dark brown for this; please feel free to use light brown if you wish.


Free Pattern
Red Heart Yarn White
Red Heart Yarn Black
Red Heart Yarn Brown
Crochet Hook H (or 5mm)
Tapestry Needle

*This pattern can be made in a C2C (corner to corner), or regular half double crochet (HDC) or single crochet (SC)*

*You may sell items from this pattern, but I ask you link it back to me. Also, do not claim this pattern as your own or any photos. Copy right applies*

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