Wednesday, December 9, 2015

White Salt Dough Recipe!

This is so much fun to make with you children! All you need is a few ingredients and you are set to go! I added glitter to ours, you most definitely do not have too. We also decided to color with cheap food coloring! I would never ever, ever use this food coloring in our food but this is not food! I also used very cheap ingredients instead of organic ones (the flour is all I had). 

1 Cup Flour
1 Cup Salt
1/2-1 Cup Water 
Food Coloring

I doubled the recipe... add your flour, and salt into a bowl

I added glitter, red, green and white. 

Mix together 

Slowly add water... Mix and add more water if needed

Continue working the dough until it forms a nice ball

I think it is beautiful just like this! But...


See all that glitter...

The kids wanted colored...

Add to center of dough, a little to begin with

Mix well, until all the color is incorporated 

It can get a wee bit messy!

They are beautiful!! 

Roll and cut any shapes you wish

We need shapes and hand prints

Red is beautiful 

Other kids print...

Different colors we did... 
Once you have your shapes, place a whole in the top of the ornament {I used a straw to make these wholes}, place them on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper (unbleached or bleached does not matter since you are not eating it). Bake 200 degrees for 3-4 hours or until the pieces are nice and harden.. You can then decorate with Sharpies, markers, paint or puffy paints.. 

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Also, comment below what else you would like to see us make!! 

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