Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Vanilla Frosting!

Tis the season... to make cookies and decorate them with your family!!! I absolutely love watching my kiddies make cookies and decorate them however they please! Of course, I only use homemade sugar cookie recipe- which is one of my top posts currently. Having family activities to do during the Holiday season makes the Holiday so much better, in my opinion. I love pulling all my cookie cutters out, and watching my kids, with the biggest smiles ever, make their favorite shaped cookies. Decorating can be a bit of a pain, and messy, but honestly it is their smiles that make it completely worth it.

You Will Need:

2 Cups Organic Powder Sugar
2 tbsp Organic Grass-Fed Butter
4-6 tbsp Organic Raw Milk
1/2 tsp Organic Vanilla Extract
Natural Food Coloring
Sugar Cookies

Cream the butter, making sure it is nice and fluffy before continuing on

Add vanilla, and cream together some more

Sift in the powder sugar

Add 1 tbsp a time of the milk and mix in with a silicon spatula 

Once all the powder sugar is mixed in (I used 3 tbsp milk) and the consistency you want, mix really well until very fluffy with your kitchenaid mixer or hand mixer. Add in your natural food coloring (we do not use any other food coloring but what is posted above on our food)

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