Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Recently, I decided to try a new snack box and (in the words of Mickey Mouse) oh boy, I was blown away! Any parent knows, snacks are a must in a house with young children (even older children). No matter what time of day it is your child wants to snack. Kristopher and Kailee are always snacking, an hour or two after a meal, they demand snacks. Here is the biggest problem parents run into. The quality of the snacks, the ingredients in the snacks, GMO or GMO-free and how processed the snack is. I take all four of those things into consideration when I look at snacks for the kids. With two growing children, a hungry husband and myself we find it extremely hard to keep any snacks in the house longer than a couple days. Here is what I look for in snacks:

1. Is the snack GMO free?
2. Does the snack have soy?
3. Is the snack processed? If so, how processed?
4. Any artificial food colors or dyes? 
5. How many ingredients are in the snacks?
6. What exactly are the ingredients? (If I do not know the ingredients, I do not buy the item! PERIOD)
7. What type of oil is used in the product? I do not use anything other than coconut oil or avocado oil

This list may seem impossible to find snack items that meet my tricky check list; but you know what? I would rather have a long list, and know my children are eating quality then have no list and feed them junk. I found that Urthbox meets everyone of my requirements in one way or another.

With every snack box that you get in the mail you will always run into a couple issues; the MAIL! That is the one thing I disliked about this box. The August box arrival it literally took a couple weeks, I feel like the delivery of this could be a lot better, even though everything came in one piece (not broken like some other companies I have tried). 

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