Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Homemade Fajita's!

One of our favorite new meals, I cannot believe I forgot I had this recipe completely done in September 2015, and never posted it! I guess it got lost in my other recipes! Boo to me!! =/ These fajita's seriously made my house smell like onions, peppers, mushrooms, and yummy homemade seasoning for WEEKS! We made these the first week after moving in, and I could smell the peppers lingering in the apartment for 4 weeks (maybe longer), afterwards. So amazing, delicious, easy to make, does not require much 'hard' work and just overall will please all of your guest or family. These are a huge hit anytime we have friends or family come over; I love whipping them up. It just allows people to pick and chose what they wish to have on their meal instead of shoving everything in it and saying "here eat it and shut up" lol.

You Will Need:

Organic Chicken Breast
Organic Sirloin Steak
Organic Sour Cream
Organic Raw Cheese
4 Organic Peppers, sliced
4-5 Organic Onions, sliced
2 pks Organic Mushrooms, sliced
2-4 tsp Organic Garlic 
Organic Salsa 
Salt & Pepper, to taste

Cut veggies, and cook down in skillet

I used my cast iron skillet, haha way too small! But I made it work!

Start browning your meat, add seasoning; the cook really depends on you... you can cook longer, but I cooked it 4 mins aside, sometimes less.. I wanted it pink in the middle still; once that is down, dump into a glass bowl with its juices

Add a little Organic Olive Oil, add chicken, season it and cook away.. this is a bit longer as you do NOT want raw chicken, 8 mins a side.. again when done, place in a glass bowl of its' own with the juices 

You are ready to go... that is how I made mine 1 of each!

So delicious, easy, and a 'knock your socks off' kinda meal!

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