Sunday, November 1, 2015

Theater Popcorn

The most amazing experience is going to the movies enjoying a big bowl of buttery popcorn! Well, with all the GMO's out there, I have opted out of enjoying movie popcorn outside of my home. I tried to recreate the best movie theater popcorn and bam I did! We enjoy this amazing popcorn for movie nights. The hardest thing is to keep the popcorn stocked during the movie, we always end up making two batches, and you would think by now I would learn my lesson and double this recipe, but nope! HAHA! Grab your kids, get your pot, and get into the kitchen to pop some fresh non-gmo popcorn!

You Will Need:

Organic Olive Oil
4 tbsp Organic Butter
2/3 Cup Organic Popcorn
Salt, to taste

To start you want to drizzle the olive oil in the pan, almost covering the bottom. Add 4 to 5 popcorn seeds and cover. Let them do their thing! This is so cool!

I added my butter to my seeds

Mixed them up

Added to the popcorn seeds to the pot (move the kids out of the way, these suckers splash)

Cover the pot and let it do its' thing

OMGG this is super cool- let pop for roughly 2 minutes, you will have to determine when yours is done- I do not like burnt so of course I stop it right at 2 minutes

I melted about 4 more tablespoons of butter, and mixed to the finished popcorn while in the pot still

Add salt, to taste

It is amazing how this taste just like theater popcorn

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