Friday, November 20, 2015

Squatty Potty Changed My Life!

The statement above could not be more true! The squatty potty has changed my life forever. I have always had and been known for having the worst stomach pains ever! I never could understand why I would get these pains, and still do not know why or understand it fully. Since using the squatty potty my pains are almost fully gone. I cannot prove (these are my own beliefs and thoughts not proven) that just because I placed my feet up on this that all my problems were solved. But honestly, they are! I am not Scientist or Doctor so I cannot conclude why my stomach problems have gone away just by using a toilet prop when going poop, but let me tell you! If feels amazing not to have to cry out to Daniel for help, or to hold my hand because my stomach hurts that much.

I may not be releasing unicorn poop into a toilet, but it certainly does flow like it. I was kind of skeptical about the use of this contraption, but I am sold. Not only does it help with going #2, but it makes #1 even easier as well. Before the Squatty was introduced to my life, I found myself straining quite a bit, and more often than not, feeling as though I still needed to go to the bathroom. Taking a dump became downright unpleasant. We all have busy lives and often find that there is not enough time in the world to accomplish everything in one day. Going to the bathroom is not something I plan for, nor predict. Therefore, I wish to get it done and over with so I can accomplish another task before calling it a day. The Squatty allows me to go to the bathroom quickly. There is no other way to put it. I can enjoy the rest of my day not feeling like I am not done from the last time I went.

The Squatty fits snuggly around the bottom of my toilet, out of the way.  It is quite easy to move the Squatty because it is very light. It has cut my time in half in terms of how long I spend going to the bathroom. I can honestly say I have no issues with the product. I live in a apartment that is a little over 1,000 soft., meaning every space that is being used is essential, and there is very little space left over. The size of the Squatty is perfect. From my perspective, $30 on this product pays for itself and quite quickly I might add. Would you rather spend money on laxatives and doctors visits, which total more than $30 and multiple times at that or a one time purchase for the rest of your life?

Buy here! This will change your life! I Promise!

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