Monday, November 9, 2015

How to Clean your Couch Cushions!

Three months ago, Daniel and I bought brand new couches and we were super excited about this buy because we paid CASH no credit!! Woo hoo!!! We bought a 14 piece set at Ashley's in white and we love it...except! White shows awful amount of dirt... My sister showed me this cool way to clean your cushions and I figured I would use her tools to show y'all how... This is like MAGIC I swear! You truly do not know how gross your cushions are until you do this; if you have kids I really recommend doing this monthly.

You Will Need:

4 tbsp Borax
4 tbsp Arm & Hammer Washing Soda
4 tbsp Calgon Water Softener
3 All Free & Clear Laundry Pods (forgot to picture)

Mix your solution in your bath tub, fill the tub full

Mix around the covers and let sit over night, at least 8 hours

Place in washer and allow the cycle to finish, dry and replace on the couch couch looks so amazingly clean! I cannot express how amazing this works.

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