Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Flu Mist & Virus!

The day Kris asked for the lasagna he had gotten the flu mist at school (now long story short! I am still very against flu mist or shots but my kids just transitioned from homeschooling to traditional school and this will be the first time they are around other kids during flu season so I wanted to be prepared not to deal with illness). Anyhow, Kris had a horrible cough for a couple days and the day before we took him to a hospital and they said it was a nasty virus going around that gave them a horrible cough, not to worry everything looked fine and that in a couple days it would heal. He goes to school Friday the 26th like nothing ever happened (here I am not knowing this was the day they would get the flu mist, because the school said it was short on supply and they did not know when they would have it back). Comes home, everything is fine. Begs for lasagna like the days before, lays around on the floor acting a bit sluggish. I make lasagna, at this point he is still fine, he eats it and relaxes some more watching the Apple TV. About 8 P.M. he comes to me crying his eyes out about a headache in the back of his neck... I could not figure out what was going on. I thought 'oh crap, this could not be the flu mist he had it today and that is too fast'. Minutes later I decide he needs a nice warm bath and bam he threw up all of the lasagna about 6 times all over my bathroom sink and floor. We got him in the bath, and he started to 'feel better' according to him but his stomach was upset still and head hurt a bit. He got out and threw up some more! I was in shock, first off because I had NEVER ever dealt with flu before with the kids... I was scared!! We got him dressed, after cleaning the mess, and laid him in our bed. I called a on call nurse and she informed me that it was indeed the flu mist giving him the flu but she also thought it was a 'bit to sudden'. Then I remembered, his blood work for his well check up came back with low white blood cells, which told his doctor that he had a virus... I explained that to the nurse she then told me 'that is it! He had a virus and got the flu mist which trigged the flu mist to over power the other virus making him sick faster!' I was floored, pissed, and annoyed all at the same time! I had known that he was getting the mist that day I would have opted out so that he could get better first then get it and none of this would have happened. He missed school, and I realized I honestly would have rather had half of the flu, then the whole darn thing. By 11 P.M. he and I were in my king sized bed (poor Daniel went to sleep on the couch) watching Who Framed Roger Rabbit and he was telling me he felt so much better, no stomach pain, and no headache.

I guess what I am trying to inform everyone with this is, if you are giving your child(ren) the flu mist or flu shot please double check they do not have a virus already or this will get extremely messy!! Today, Nov. 2nd Kris is doing great, he actually had that awful cough for another couple days, and since has not thrown up and has not coughed. Funny thing is, right after he threw up the last time, we were cuddling watching T.V. and he saw a donut on the T.V. and said 'oh I want a donut!' haha! This kid honestly! How can he want a donut right after throwing up. He said he never ever wants lasagna again and I honestly do not blame him, seeing that stuff come back up made me super sick feeling towards it too. 

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