Monday, October 5, 2015

Turkey Vegetable Soup

Winter is here, winter is here; which means lots and lots of soup! Lately, it has been in the 50's in Ohio and boy has it caught me off guard. I was not nearly close to be ready or prepared for any of this weather. Some of my favorite soups are vegetable, minestrone, potato soup, and broccoli soup (all of which will be in my Winter Soups section on the blog- coming VERY soon I promise). Mmmh.. Reminds me Ham, Potato, and Green Bean soup is another strong favorite for winter time in the Haiden Household- that recipe is found here.

You Will Need:

3-4 Organic Potatoes, peeled & cut
2 Jar Organic Diced Tomatoes
1 Jar Organic Tomato Sauce
2 Bag Frozen Organic Mixed Veggies
1 lb. Organic Turkey
3 tbsp Organic Garlic Powder
3 tbsp Organic Onion Powder
3 Organic Bay Leaves
32 oz. Organic Beef Broth (I used beef bouillon base)
Salt & Pepper, to taste (veggies need lots of salt)

In a skillet, brown the turkey, add chopped onions, onion powder, garlic powder

Cook until browned

Add all the ingredients, including cooked turkey, in a stock pot; except the potato (do not add that until 30 mins before serving)

Peel, cut and add potatoes, cook 30 minutes or until fork tender. Be sure to taste soup and adjust seasoning; because it is vegetable soup it requires some salt (as vegetables need lots of salt to bring out their flavors)

One of my favorites, with or without the turkey! You can use any ground meat, or none at all, does not matter! ENJOY! Cheers to WINTER!

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