Sunday, October 25, 2015

Homemade Marshmallows!

WITHOUT CORN SYRUP! WOOT WOOT! That is correct ladies and gentlemen!! There is no, absolutely no, corn syrup in my recipe. I do not believe in corn syrup, I will not buy anything that has corn syrup; nor will I allow my family to consume any (organic or not- NO THANK YOU!). These melt amazingly! Just like the Kraft brand ones, expect without all the JUNK they add to them! As you see pictured below I used great lakes gelatin, this gelatin is made of pure ingredients and is really good for you; because it is made from beef. Shocker but yes! It is amazing! I have used this recipe of marshmallows for over 5 years now, and continue to become more and more impressed with how they turn out; fluffier every time- even more so! Use for s'mores! YUM YUM! Eat plan or pop in hot chocolate; whatever your marshmallow desire-fulfill it with homemade marshmallows not store bought. (My next experiment with these is gonna be dehydrating them-so stick around!!)

After making these this past week I realized something... I actually am making corn syrup when we boil the water and sugar together! Holy COW! How cool is that?! Well hop to it y'all! Make some organic homemade marshmallows and watch everyone go uber crazy over them!

You Will Need:

1 Cup Water
8 tbsp Water
2 tbsp Great Lakes Gelatin
1/4 tsp Salt
2 tsp Organic Vanilla
1 1/2 Cups Organic Sugar

Place your 1 cup water into a sauce pan with the sugar

Place the 8 tbsp of water and gelatin in a separate bowl, leave it alone

Sugar added

Place on medium heat and allow the sugar to dissolve. Stir often

Will start to bubble up, continue stirring and once the bubbles go down a bit continue cooking for 10-15 minutes more

Looks beautiful 

Pour the sugar mixture into the gelatin 

Add salt

Add vanilla

Now you are going to mix this until stiff peaks

It is so beautiful!! So white, fluffy and this is considered done if you want Marshmallow Fluff

Pour into a dish that is line with unbleached parchment paper, covered in powder sugar- this will keep it from sticking

Sprinkle powder sugar on top 

Leave on counter away from any moisture for 8 hours

Dump onto a counter covered in powder sugar


Cover all sides in powder sugar

Beautiful, fluffy, and amazing!!

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