Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Bob Evan's Sausage Gravy

Daniel and I visited Bob Evan's for the first time ever when the kids where in school. I have to admit, I am not too high on eating out (in fact it NEVER happens). I rather enjoy making our food, than eating out. Anyhow, at Bob Evan's we decided to share the Biscuits and Gravy. It was good, a little gelatin-ish for my liking but not bad overall; I did however get a horrible stomach ache from eating it. Boo! I decided to make this from scratch. 1- it is not that difficult to do, 2- it is better for you, because you control the ingredients 3- no stomach aches! I set out to find the best ingredients possible. Now finding a good quality sausage is rather tricky; I know Whole Foods Market has good ones, but I was not in the mood to drive there. I used Kroger Simple Truth brand.

You Will Need:

1 pkg Organic Sausage
1/2 Cup Organic All-Purpose Flour
Salt & Pepper, to taste

Un-case all the sausage into a nice sauce pan, I added a little organic olive oil to keep them from sticking since this pan is stainless steel crap sticks pretty well!

Leave on medium heat to brown

Smells amazing

Once browned, as you can see, I made sure to chop the sausage rather finely

Add in the flour, and cook for 1 minute- this removes the raw floor taste

Pour in the milk; bring to a boil, and reduce, cook for 10 minutes or until your desired thickness

I know Bob Evan's gravy is a brown color, and you can surely obtain that color if you continue to cook this until browned- I, honestly, do NOT like it brown creeps me out lol. I stick to white gravy- add pepper, and taste to adjust salt (ours did not need any)

Pour over homemade fluffy biscuits and enjoy! These are to DIE for! Honest!

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