Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Crochet Pillow!

This pattern is super easy and fun! Follow along with me in the video and here is the written steps.


5 MM Crochet Hook
A & B Color (Red Heart Yarn)
16 in. Pillow
Essential Oil (optional)
Pillow Stuffing


CH- Chain
SC- Single Crochet
SL ST- Slip Stitch
ST- Stitch
YO- Yarn Over

CH 46 Make 2

Row 1: SC 2nd CH from hook, 45 total, CH 1, turn
Row 2-20: SC across, CH 1, turn, (in last ST of 20th row, do not finish SC, cut yarn and change colors (shown in video) CH 1, turn)
Row 21: With color B SC across, CH 1, turn
Row 22-30: SC across, CH 1, turn
Row 31: Change color back to A, SC across, CH 1, turn
Row: 32-50: SC across, Ch 1, turn (do not turn at row 50)

Row 51: SC in same ST as finishing row (in video shown) 2 more times, continue to SC around the entire block- 3 SC in corners, SL ST in beginning (shown in video in depth)

Attaching: Wrong side facing each other, SL ST in corner ST (being sure to grab both SC from each panel of the pillow-in video below). SC 3 sides- stop and pull a big loop, remove hook

Continue: Stuff pillow with stuffings, add essential oils (I added more stuffing to make it fluffier) put the pillow in the pocket, and finish SC around to close it up.

SL ST in beginning, and weave ends.

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