Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Beef & Noodles!

First off, this is a crockpot recipe! So pull out your crockpot's and let's get this started! My grandmother and mother used to make beef and noodles all the time, while growing up; it was a household dinner we had weekly. When I got married and moved away on my own with Daniel and the kids, I never thought to ask my mother or grandmother how they made beef and noodles, I always thought I knew but I could never master it how they used too. Since losing touch with both my mother and grandmother, I reached out to my sister, Michelle, regarding how she makes beef and noodles and I have decided to take out and add in where I see fit, and let me tell you; it blows mom's and grandma's out of the water! Absolutely amazing!

It is hard to believe how changing ingredients from unhealthy and filled with GMO's out of our diet and just stick with the basics, how amazing a dish can truly be! This is going to be the best damn beef and noodles in the land! (reference: the best damn band in the land! Ohio State! O-H!!) Anyhow let's get to the cooking because all this mushy crap does not matter, it is the food that does! But let me tell you, cut out GMO's from your diet and the ingredients in this (and ANY recipe) will speak for themselves!

You Will Need:

2 lbs Organic Grass-Fed Roast
2-4 Organic Brown Gravy Packets
1 Medium Organic Onion, Chopped
1 pkg Organic Mushrooms, washed
32 oz Organic Beef Broth (or homemade yum yum!)
1 Bag Organic Egg Noodles (here)
2 tbsp Homemade Organic Italian Seasoning
1 tbsp Organic Garlic Salt (or fresh chopped garlic)
Salt & Pepper, to taste
Organic Mashed Potatoes or Organic Rice

The night before, cut your meat and put all the dried seasonings on it and let it sit in fridge until next morning

Cut onions

Add meat, broth, mushrooms, onions, and seasoning to your pot, cover and cook on medium for 6 hours

Get enough broth out of the pot (I did 1 cup per packet of gravy)

Add gravy packets and mix well

As you can see it is really thickened up the broth

Add back to the pot and cook on low.. While this is cooking (sorry camera died at this part) boil your noodles, and start your potatoes for the mashed potatoes

There you go! Serve on top of a beautiful bed of mashed potatoes! This is to die for! I SWEAR!

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