Friday, January 9, 2015

Better Than Wendy's Frosty! (Only 3 Ingredients)

Growing up I have had my fair share of Wendy's Frosty's and lets' all be completely honest here, you know you all did too! It was something that was cold, cheap, and satisfied a craving for a short time period. Daniel and his mother, Gloria, are completely obsessed with these Frosty's. I figured it was time to try to make these myself because I do not like the idea of not knowing what is in the Frosty's from Wendy's (they sure as hell are not gonna disclose that information). I recall back when I was 18 years old working at Wendy's having to refill the Frosty machine. I thought it was chocolate milk, that froze into a frosty like shake; but boy I was wrong! Groooosssss!! Kristopher and Kailee have had a frosty once or twice their whole life's. When I brought up the idea of making these homemade, Kailee asked me "is it like the dog's frosty's?" Honestly, I could not help but laugh so hard I almost peed myself! That girl cracks me up!! Onward with the recipe!

You Will Need: (4 servings or in my case enough for just Daniel haha -_-)

1. 4 Cups Organic Alden Ice Cream (Vanilla Bean)
2. 2/3 Cup Organic Raw Milk (Hartzler Dairy Farm)
3. 10 tsp Organic Hot Chocolate Powder (Silly Cow Farm Brand- Whole Foods Sells It)
      - The flavor powder I got is Udderly Milk Chocolate

All you need to do is throw all the ingredients into the blender, and blend (using pulse or just blend) until smooth; you may need to turn off the blender and stir; I have a crappy blender still (no Blendtec or Vitamix for me still -_-) so I had to do this. Once it starts to blend, it is beautiful and creamy!

Absolutely amazing! Hands down the best!

Tops Wendy's by far!!! 

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