Monday, December 1, 2014

Reusable Bag Decorations! #CraftySunday!

Our family hates the use of plastic anything; bags, bottles, storage container, and etc. We vowed to only use reusable bags that the stores sell, and that we did. We have completely stocked up on reusable bags; that are able to accommodate our large grocery adventures {yay!}. Recently, we went to Whole Foods Market in Dublin, Ohio where they were doing a bunch of different crafts for Thanksgiving; coloring pages, drawings, and bag decorations. They were giving children their reusable frozen foods bag (made of fabric) that sell for $9.99 to use in this craft and fabric markers to use on the bags. Well, after Kristopher and Kailee finished their bags, they wanted to go buy the markers to decorate more at home.

Off to Michael's we went, bought the markers/pens and bought a couple more bags from Whole Foods Market for this craft blog. {Markers Here} We later went home, and decorated our bags for hours!! Kristopher & Kailee got so hooked, they did not want to stop {lol}.

Here is what you need:

Fabric Markers
Fabric Bags {or you can use shirts}
and time!!! =]]

Give your child a bag, (or shirt, or pants) and markers sit them down and tell them to 'let their minds go crazy!' You will be very surprised what they come up with when they are able to just do whatever they want. Kristopher and Kailee finished their bags, and are pictures (so CREATIVE!) and they absolutely love being able to use these bags when they go to the grocery store for "their food items" lol.

Kristopher's Bag!! 
(He did not decorate the back YET)

Kailee's Bag!!

If you or your children make these bags or shirts!! Please share with us on FaceBook! Be sure to #organicmominthekitchen and #craftysunday

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