Tuesday, December 30, 2014

How To Make Butter!

Making butter is one of the easiest yet messiest thing you can make! Honestly, it splashes everywhere and it is kind of fun too. My family goes through a lot of butter, and I enjoy buying heavy cream that is local and grass fed so I can make my own butter, since we go through so much and the damn stuff cost $5.99 a 4 pack here!! Here is what you need: (there are TWO ways to make butter; here is the first I LOVE!)

1. Stand Mixer fixed with your whisk attachment
2. Heavy Cream
3. Splash Guard or Towel
4. Strainer
5. Ice Water (LOTS OF ICE)

Add the heavy cream into your stand mixer (like I said there is another way to make this.. this is just easiest on the arms!)

Cover with a splash guard or towel and turn your mixer on high speed

Keep Going.....

Do not stop mixing when it looks like whipped cream, keep going until you see buttermilk starting to form; then you are almost done

Here you can see both, the butter and buttermilk (yum! keep that buttermilk as well- great for biscuits or pancakes)

Strain the buttermilk

Pour only the water into the bowl and start pushing the butter, until you no longer get cloudy water or any more buttermilk-usually takes me 3-4 times (you can skip this if you are going to use the butter within a week)

Push, baby, push!

A lot less butter than I normally make, but I am saving the second half for the other method of how to make butter

The buttermilk (keep this for biscuits or pancakes! YUM)

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