Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Homemade Yogurt Melts!

When my children were toddlers, of course, I never knew any differently when it came to what I fed Kristopher and Kailee. One of their favorite snacks were the Gerber Yogurt Melts.

Even my father started enjoying these with the kids and soon he became addicted; to this day today he still eats them! haha funny man! =] As I found out what was in these and how they are not really all that good for the children, I sat out to figure out how to make them myself, and I have done just that for years!! Here is how...

What you need:

1. Organic Yogurt (I used Vanilla for Kristopher & Blueberry for Kailee)
2. Baking sheet, lined with or without unbleached parchment paper
3. Piping bag (or zip lock as a piping bag)

Take the yogurt, open and place in the piping bag or zip lock (the yogurt I used was very runny, so when I picked the bag up it started quashing out everywhere).

Pipe the yogurt onto the parchment paper or right onto the baking sheet, does not really batter either way; my baking sheets are brand new, so I just used them straight as is. 

Place them into the freeze to completely freeze, they honestly do not take much time at all! It took mine 30 minutes to fully freeze. I then placed them into a zip lock and in the freeze for snacking for Kristopher/Kailee! They absolutely love these! Frozen yogurt snack, who would not love them!?! 

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