Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Breakfast On The Go!

Tonight, I did not have anything planned for dinner, so I decided to make my 'go to' for Kailee and myself, Organic Cream of Wheat {here} from Bob's Red Mill. I gathered my ingredients;

cream of wheat,
tall mason jar,
and these lids

I made my cream of wheat according to the package instructions, and poured it into my tall mason jar, I used a mini whisk, put sugar in the jar, milk and whisked until it was smooth, with no lumps. I placed the lid on top and placed the straw in that came with the pack. Off I was able to go! I did not need more than 6 ish minutes to complete a healthy, organic, delicious, and simple recipe that is way better for you and your family than McDonald's or Burger King. This is so filling, you will not need a snack or anything until lunch; but if you do, I recommend a banana, orange or apple to go with.

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Kristopher and Daniel had some pancakes I made and frozen the other day; that is another simple recipe, on the weekends I love making my pancakes, and freezing them for the weeks ahead. 

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