Sunday, November 30, 2014

Streaming, Cable Or Satellite

I have seen the light! When Blu Ray players first came out, the motion picture companies created the three pack DVD sets: Blu Ray, DVD, and Ultra Violet. I saw the advancement and technology and bought my first Blu Ray. Since that moment, I have spent every year buying dozens of Blu Ray 3 packs. I created an account on Flixster and started uploading Ultra Violet (UV) codes into my account. Needless to say, hundreds of movies later I have hundreds of movies of Flixster. The only problem was my way of watching those movies. I use to access my account through my iPad or laptop, but I quickly realized this was too much of a hassle.

When I first came to Ohio, my then boyfriend (now husband), Daniel, had Time Warner Cable, which, at first was not bad. We had telephone (because of a Fax Machine), internet, and cable. Time Warner decided to raise their prices, which quickly became expensive. Our initial bill was $100, but quickly rose to $200. That accompanied with horrible customer service and it was a receipt for disaster. Considering we were not under a contract we decided to look elsewhere. Before moving to Ohio, I always had Direct TV and could not live without it. With Direct TV, we had the best package we could get, along with NFL Sunday ticket. The deal we contracted with was for $150 a month. Months later, we noticed our bill kept rising for no reason. We found out that paper per views were being added to my account without my authorization. I called repeatedly about this, but nothing was ever done about it. Daniel listens to a radio show that created its own television network as well. We called Direct TV about adding this network, but they refused. Months later, they added a television show we are adamantly against. We called once more to complain and they said nothing can be done, since the decision to add or remove channels is decided higher up the food chain. Once we hung up with Direct TV, we looked into Dish Network and decided to go that route. Under Direct TV, our bill reached $210 a month, but with Dish Network our bill has never touched $180 with the same equipment. Needless to say, we are glad to be Dish customers.

One night, Daniel and I were going over bills and decided to cut more from what we owe. We were looking at the guide and saw all the channels we didn't watch. It is amazing to see all the channels you are paying for without actually watching them. That is when we came to the conclusion that we have to find another way to fulfill our television needs. We started researching other options for our television pleasure and quickly found a new world! For all the Apple loyalists, we found the Apple TV. For Android users, we found Roku, Amazon, and Chromecast. While, having an Android or Apple phone does not mean you get one or another, the choice is entirely yours. The method of streaming television, compared to satellite or cable is much different, but in some ways much better. For Apple users, the Apple TV allows you to purchase music and movies at the iTunes Store, then watch it on your television. You can even watch your Apple TV on your iPad or iPhone, then mirror it onto your television. The Apple TV is a one time purchase, easy install, then lots of enjoyment. Roku, Amazon, and Chromecast offer the same service as Apple TV, but from different makers. Before, I mentioned my dilemma with Flixster. Apple TV does not offer Flixster, but Roku does and better a much simpler package in comparison. Roku has introduced the Roku Stick, which is a thumb drive with all the software needed to implement all the apps you need to enjoy streaming, as you would from an Apple TV. I recently purchased the Roku stick with the purpose of enjoying Flixster and my thousands of movies. Below, I will leave links for you to see for yourself the awesomeness of streaming.

After we purchased our first of many Apple TV's, we called Dish and dropped our package to the lowest we could, and still have the channels we wanted. Be aware though, that buying the Apple or any other streaming device, you still need to have the channels on television in order from them to work on the streamer.

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