Sunday, November 16, 2014

Raw Milk vs Regular Milk

There has been so much miss lead information on milk, in general. People saying pasturized milk is better for you than raw milk; that raw milk is bad for you and can cause health problems! Come on FORKS!!! Are we kidding here?! Back in the day, our grandparents, grandparents, grandparents never had pasturized milk, it just was not around and look how healthy those people were, how long they lived their lives. Here is my thing, my story on why I changed my families milk...

Kristopher and Kailee grew up on formula {do not judge, I was young and dumb!} and regular whole milk until they were 2 and their doctor suggested 2% milk so I listened and switched. Kristopher had ear infections more than any other child I had ever known! Monthly he was sick with something bothering him, fever or something! Kailee started getting double ear infections when she turned 1 years old; and had her FIRST of THREE Ferbile Seizures {SCARY SCARY SCARY!!!}. I did not know why they were so sick all the time, when {I thought at the time} I was feeding them good foods; I cooked nightly for them, and gave them the milk I was told. 

Daniel and I started researching, for school, raw milk benefits, and BPA. When I became EXTREMELY scared by what I read... Chemicals in our canned foods, processed foods leading to health issues in children, and later cancer in adults {NO THANK YOU!}. I remember this day like it was yesterday even though it was almost 4 years ago, I went downstairs, packed up all of our processed, non organic foods, and donated them to a family friend. We literally started from nothing. No more canned foods, I started canning my own, no more processed foods, I started processing my own, no more pasturized milk I found raw. 

Where we live it is illeagle to sale raw milk, as I learned. I found a Dairy Farm, Hartzler, and read an extreme amount of information on this. They pasturize their milk on the lowest setting legal, and pasturize it for minium amount allowed by State Law, 22 seconds. This leaves ALL of the nutrients let in the milk instead of taken out, as if they are not important when they are! The question that a LOT of people ask and are extremely concerned with is “What danger do I risk if I drink Non-Homogenized Milk.” The answer may leave you speechless ... it’s “none.” There is no, absolutely no, risks to drinking milk in its purest form. When I first opened a bottle of this milk, I was kind of thrown for a loop; what is the thick white blob on top of the milk?! I called the store where I got it and the farm and they told me that is cream (aka heavy whipping cream) that is naturally in the milk before companies pasturize it out. I said oh! COOL!!! I shook the milk, mixed the cream through, and enjoyed one of the most amazing glasses of milk I have ever had, and to this day (2 years almost 3 years later) the taste is the same from the first day I tried it. I gave some to Kristopher and Kailee and quickly schooled them on what I had learned. They were speechless at the taste, and quality of the milk. A benefit of the milk I buy is it comes in glass jugs, so NO PLASTIC HERE!!! WOO HOO! 

The only thing I dislike is the bottle fee they charge you, but I understand because glass bottles are expensive. Even though we get the $1.50 back (per bottle), it goes right to the kids piggy banks (let's say we have 4 jugs to return, each kid gets $3.00 from the return for their banks!) Let me tell you, if you do the math (it has been 4 years times $1.50 (we do about 6 jugs a week). Let's do the math: 
6x4 (6 jugs, 4 weeks in a month)= 24 
24x$1.50=$36.00 (24 in a month, bottle fee of $1.50)
$36.00/2=$18.00/each kid a month
$216.00x4(years)=$864.00 (this is the totally each kid has made off the bottle jugs for a 4 year time frame) Can you say wow?!! I mean talk about a GREAT savings plan and start for each! =] 

What surprises me about this milk is the fact that people with lacatose issues have NO problems what so ever drinking it, instead of drinking soy (which is not good for you at all! but that is another post for another day!).

Switching Kristopher and Kailee had been one of the most amazing ideas I have ever had!! And SMARTEST! They have not been to a doctor, like I said in 2 years only for well child check up and have not been sick with more than a cough or light runny/boogie nose!!! I have posted a link to the dairy farm where I get my milk and all the information they have on non-homegenized milk. Enjoy reading it and learning what I learned all those years ago. I have also posted a link for you to find a farm near you whom sells milk in this form, or raw all the way! 

**None of this is proven facts (my childrens health from switching the milk they drink), it is just a mothers' intuition and what I have seen with my own eyes. Not doctor tested or proven!**

Links to help you find your way to a better milk! 
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