Sunday, November 16, 2014

Flu Shot...Or Not.... That is the Question!

There have been a lot of talk going on lately regarding the 'flu shot'; do we get it? Should my kids have the shot? Should my kids have the flumist? Should I get the shot or mist? What should I do? That is the question...

The answer is very simple, in my opinion; which is not in any way made to push on to others or change what others believe, it is just merely me being a parent and protecting Kristopher & Kailee the best I can; no you should not, your children should not get the flu shot or flumist (PERIOD!). Here is why.

When Kristopher was 6 months old, he was due for his routine doctor visit and of course the horrific shots that come with the visit. Nurse asked me "Melinda, do you want Kristopher to have the flu shot today?" 'No, simple response, I do not'. Nurse started going off on me, yelling at me, telling me I am a horrible parent; she then left the room and went to the doctor who turned around and did the same thing. Now, me being 19 years old at the time, I knew no differently. Doctor comes in the room where we are waiting, me cuddling my little man as I know he is about to get shots, which horrifies me beyond anything. She tells me 'why do you not want Kristopher getting the flu shot?' I tell her because I just do not trust it with him being so little and new. She than goes on to tell me and I mean she pushed her case to me. 'If you do not get this shot for him and he ends up in the hospital dying, you will know then that you should not have been so stupid and put your wants over his needs'. I broke out in tears, I was all alone, my parents were at work, and I did not have anyone to help me figure this out. So, I felt horrible and thought... how can you put your child at risk!? You are so awful like the nurse and doctor are saying, get Kristopher the shot and protect him. So, I went a head and got the shot against my will, honestly, but the doctor pushed and pushed her case until I said yes. Fast forward...

6 in a half years later, Kristopher (and Kailee) have never had the shot ever again. About 2 years ago, we changed the way we eat, and look at foods amoung other things. Both my children used to get sick pretty often, with ear infections, sore throats and such nothing ever like the flu. After changing the simpliest of items from my childrens diets I seen such a grave improvment on their health in general. Kailee was always on the heavier side, where as Kristopher was always Mr. Silm. I never really thought about putting much effort into milk; hey how can a company screw that up?! Wow! I learned.

I live out in Dublin, Ohio as many of you know from my FaceBook page and such. I started to think, what is raw milk? what are the benefits of raw milk? can children have raw milk? Is raw milk legal to sale? All my answers came from To my surprise, raw milk is illegal to sale in Ohio, but Hartzler Family Dairy does it to where the milk is only pasturized for 22 seconds, the legal low limit, and at the lowest setting legal. This allows for all the additives of the milk to still be in the milk; the cream on top, the vitiamins and minerals. Once my husband, Daniel and I switched our family to this milk, the changes were stunning. Kailee started to thin out (amount cutting junk snack foods too and all pasturized canned items) and both Kristopher & Kailee's health improved!

I can safely say it has been 2 in a half years since I last took my children to a doctor for anything more than a bug bite or weird butt rash. I recently took them to their doctor (of 3 years) for a well child check up. She remembered us, and could not believe how different the children looked, how more alart they were, how healthy they were. She asked me, "what have you done to keep them from getting sick?" My answer simple, I cut out fast food (yuck!), I cut out canned goods, I cut processed foods, no more junk snack foods, I switched to all organic, and started making my own homemade bone broth that I simmer for 2-3 days in a crock pot. She looked at me and said "very well done, I am very proud of you and your succes" I felt amazing.

So, in all this I hope you gather, you do not need a flu shot or flumist to keep your child(ren) from being ill. All you need to do is change how you eat, honestly that is it. I give my children homemade bone broth once a week as it is getting colder outside to keep them warm (they drink it right out of a mug and they have told me 'mom and dad look we have 'coffee' too'.

Healthy Eating Takes Gold! Hands down!!!

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